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Reflections from CHEM4EU

Last week we attended the CHEM4EU matchmaking event, an event where startups are matched with key chemical corporations looking to partner to tackle sustainability problems. The matchmaking event was very professional, organized and we had opportunities to talk to big decision makers like CEOs and VPs. We were among the 50 companies accepted to pitch and were very grateful for the opportunity!

The overall notion was to find ways that society can benefit from the know-how that startups and chemical companies have to create a sustainable future, one of the biggest goals of the EU. These efforts come with a big responsibility because chemistry is behind all physical matter, especially when it comes to the energy industry, manufacturing processes, and food supply.

Cefic (The European Chemical Industry Council) helps drive this innovative ecosystem where startups can participate alongside big companies to address sustainability.

We were very happy to be a part of this event and to hear first-hand about their thought processes and trajectory. Such insights help smaller companies like us to learn more about how big companies are approaching energy and handling the circular economy. For example, we learned about what big companies are doing to track carbon and scope 3 emissions and how/what they are doing to take responsibility for the future ecologically.

You can find the live streaming sessions from the event here, including reverse pitches from the chemical corporations.

Thank you to all of the companies that were a part of this event, to the EIC and Cefic for organizing it, and to all the decision-makers that took the time to discuss ideas with us and consider our technology to address their sustainability challenges!


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