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Meet The Team

Who We Are

Oren Gavriely.jpg

Oren Gavriely


My favorite part about NanoScent is seeing the employees happy and growing. Seeing customers we can help.

Orna Barash

VP of Product

I love the diversity in my job, I love the challenges, I love the relation to energy and the possibility to create breakthrough technology. I like the people at NanoScent and working with people from different disciplines.

Orna Barash.jpg
Sima Israel.jpg

Sima Israel

VP of R&D

It feels good that all people here want NanoScent to succeed, everyone does his best to make it happen.

Oded Fishelzon

VP of Operations

For me, NanoScent is like a family. We all work in mutual respect, open and supportive environment, under the shared goal to make the world a better, safer and healthier place.

Oded Fishelzon.jpg
Katya Kapilov.jpg

Katya Kapilov

Head of Chemistry

I like to analyze results and am always trying to learn about the characteristics and mechanisms of action of our sensors in order to improve their performance.

Roy Shlomovitz

Data Scientist

My favorite part of my job at NanoScent is helping others understand and explore the sensor signal.

Roy Shlomovitz.jpg

Shay Sanders

Software Engineer

I'm enjoying of the creation of new tools and enjoy it more when I saw them become useful to our scientific crew.

Tali Buta

Development Engineer

I love that my job is very dynamic and changes according to the company's needs, and it is also very challenging and yet also very satisfying.

Mahmoud Hayadri1.jpg

Mahmoud Hayadri

Development Engineer

enjoy the process of analysing data and designing experiments accordingly in order to reach the final vision of our product.

Mohand Diab

Development Chemist

Best part of my job is seeing the results of the chemistry that I do and having the opportunity to develop and optimize it in order to get the best version of our product.


Maria Goldstein

Development Engineer

I enjoy being part of something innovative, performing experiments and finding solutions for our engineering challenges.

Yara Kablan

Development Engineer

I enjoy our collaborative environment and the persistence and determination towards turning the vision into reality.


Faika Abu Nasra

House Keeper

I love sitting with all the employees, seeing everyone in the morning, getting to know everyone and meeting everyone face to face makes me very happy.

Faika Abu Nasra.jpg

Or Shloosh

Development Engineer

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