Since our founding in 2017, our company has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and has partnered with many organizations and key strategic investors.

Strategic Investors

Equity partners have invested a total of $10 million and we are currently seeking an additional $2 million to close our Series A funding round. 

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Dreamtech has been our strategic investor and partner since 2018. Dreamtech is supporting NanoScent's electronic hardware components. In a statement from Dreamtech's CEO, Hyoung Min Kim believes “both companies are committed to the successful commercialization of ‘scent reader’ solutions worldwide... both companies will further strengthen the strategic partnership become a leading company in the healthcare market.”

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Since 2019, Sumitomo Chemical is one of our key strategic investors. Sumitomo Chemical took an interest in us because they see that a rapid diagnostic sensor has great long-term potential for other applications, in addition to COVID-19. Sumitomo Chemicals is backing us up so that we can reach our goals for scaling up and manufacturing chemical electronic components.

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Grants & Projects

Through grants and projects with Fortune 500 companies, we have raised about $9 million in non-dilutive funding. 


European Innovation

The European Innovation Council supports NanoScent's project for developing a COVID-19 sensor. 


Israel Innovation

The Israel Innovation Authority has been supportive through their COVID-19 research grant.


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Forbes 500

Grants and projects with Fortune 500 companies also help drive our innovation and R&D efforts.


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