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VOCID® H2Confirm is NanoScent's inline sensor controller, making it possible to monitor the cleanliness of hydrogen continuously by having a reference level which is established by exposing the sensor to a clean line. 


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On-Spot and Quick Measurements

  • Integrated inline by creating a bypass

  • Continuously monitor at the frequency of 1 hour

  • Automated process, 24/7

  • No need to handle and send samples to labs 

  • Pass/fail output, can provide statistics and graphs


Industrial Interface

  • ATEX design, pending approval

  • 24V power supply

  • Modbus communication


Multiple Contaminants Detected

  • ​​​​Target contaminants in accordance with ISO-14687

  • O2, H20, CO, CO2, H2S and more

  • Sensitive chip, recyclable 

  • Tailored solution based on your specific needs


All-in-one Solution

  • Single solution for monitoring several contaminants

  • Save space and time with a single integrated solution

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