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NanoScent Commits to Protecting Nature’s Essential Resources

Since NanoScent was first founded in 2017, we were always inclined towards providing services that could drive the greater good.

From day one, we have been working on applications which need our help. In this context, we initially started working with the microbiome and industrial environmental control because both are big issues that could impact and change people’s well-being and livelihood.

The NanoScent team during a meeting discussing existing problems customers face to which our technology can be applied to.

At the beginning of 2020, we were called on a mission to detect COVID-19 rapidly. For two years, we put our development focus and energy on growing our technology to reach productization status. Since then, we have advanced immensely the science and technology behind sensor technology both as a company and as an ecosystem.

We are incredibly thankful for that opportunity and experience because we have grown so much as a result.

Today, as the world and markets are moving away from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have paused our clinical trials as a result. However, we feel the medical diagnostic industry as a whole is still important and relevant, but something to address in the long-term as it requires a lot of research and development.

In the short-term, we want to show our technology has matured for a quicker use cycle and can already be applied to certain industries with existing needs. Because of this, we are advancing to industries that are related to our mission to help greater good which we had since the first day we were founded as a company.

More specifically, we want to protect essential resources like the environment by:

  • Helping promote clean energy and hydrogen purity through VOCID® Purity

  • Ensuring clean rooms for the semiconductor industry are up to standards through VOCID® Purity

  • Reducing food waste through storage and transportation with VOCID® CoolTrack

  • Monitoring biotechnological processes such as fermentation in food industry with VOCID® BioAction

  • Ensuring industrial wastewater is usable with VOCID® BioAction

Now we are working with companies and partners that want to utilize VOCs for this ultimate purpose and we are seeing a good response. We are aiming to have customers enjoy these services as early as this year.

Looking back to the beginning, we started something in 2017 and we even won the first ever CES Innovator Award in 2019. Today, we are happy to continue what we first started by advancing the VOCID® platform to protect essential resources.


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