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Cool Track


VOCID® Cool Track is NanoScent's storage sensor controller, making it possible to objectively monitor the ripening/rot process of produce in real time. By having a reference gas level which is established by exposing the sensor to a monitored ripening/rot process, NanoScent's sensor controller can monitor temperature, humidity, and volatile gas levels as indicators of ripening stages in produce. When an unwanted process is taking place, the VOCID® Cool Track alarm triggers, allowing the company to take actions such as deciding which rooms to open first for distribution.

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Avoid Loss of Fresh Produce

By actively monitoring and early detection of ripening processes, quality control reaches a new level. You can see if something is going wrong in the storage conditions as VOCID® Cool Track provides you with eyes in realtime in an otherwise dark cold room with automatic sampling happening at 5 hour intervals. You can have real control of your fruit and decide on actions based on DATA.


Optimize Timing for Selling

With VOCID® Cool Track, you can identify specific pallets that are in a more advanced ripening process which are ready to sell to customers. By identifying them, you can remove them from storage and prevent “contamination” of the entire storage and avoid selling at lower prices due to advanced ripening.


Plan Shipment Parameters Better

 By monitoring aldehyde levels, corresponding with humidity and temperature while being shipped, you can be better prepared for longer time shipments, you can provide information on actions to be taken upon arrival (i.e. ethylene at export site). You can reach longer destinations.


All-in-one Solution

Humidity, gasses, and VOCs can all be measured by VOCID® Cool Track simultaneously. Other solutions can only handle one of these factors, requiring multiple tools. All the technological sensors you need to monitor are included in one box: relative humidity, temperature, CO2, ethylene, and VOCs.


Dynamic Interface

VOCID® Cool Track is connected to a custom dashboard through software that is user-friendly and can trigger alarms and send email notifications. Control your cold inventory from the leisure of your warm office (or remotely via phone/tablet).

Let's Work Together

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