VOCID® Purity is NanoScent's inline sensor controller, making it possible to monitor the cleanliness of gas lines by having a reference level which is established by exposing the sensor to a clean line. 


Currently, VOCID® Purity is in the early market stage. We are actively working with companies in the gas industry and semiconductor companies to develop the application. However, we have identified interest in customers handling hydrogen, such as fuel cell stations.



While sensitive and specific solutions exist on the market, there are currently no low-cost solutions that can detect at our level of sensitivity.


Continuous Monitoring On-Site

Current monitoring practices are time consuming and must be sent to labs, VOCID® Purity is a game changer because it enables you to monitor purity continuously and on-site.


All-in-one Solution

Humidity, gasses, and VOCs can all be measured simultaneously by VOCID® Purity because of our core patent-protected technology. By comparison, other solutions can only handle only one of these factors at a time, requiring you to juggle multiple tools.


Off-grid Friendly

Many hydrogen sites are off-grid and cannot easily send samples to labs. With VOCID® Purity, off-grid hydrogen sites can more easily and efficiently monitor their purity levels.


Dynamic Interface

VOCID® Purity is connected to a custom dashboard through software that is user-friendly and can trigger alarms upon a contamination event or when levels of gases, VOCs, temperature and humidity exceed a pre-defined threshold. Furthermore, millions of data points can be reported, a big different when compared to lab analytical tools which provide limited sampling results. 

Let's Work Together

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