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Reflections from Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe was a great way to start off the summer and say goodbye to spring. The conference was full of buzz and there was always something going on. It was the biggest conference we have been to in the last year and we were grateful to be a part of it, along with so many companies that are also pursuing innovation.

Hannover Messe 2022 also marked the first time we shared a demo showing our technology detecting target compounds in real time.

The Pursuit for Green Hydrogen

As a general impression, we were impressed by the numbers of companies working in the hydrogen industry. We met with companies from all areas of the hydrogen supply chain, including companies working with fuel cells, electrolyzers, refueling stations, and dedicated research institutes for green hydrogen.

During the 4-day conference, we met with many of these companies and several sensor companies as well. As a result of the numerous meetings, we got a better understanding of our value in the supply chain for VOCID® H2Confirm and validated our general approach and understanding for detecting hydrogen purity with several potential customers.

As a result of the meetings, we continued to gain greater understanding of the needs relating to quantifying hydrogen impurities, including how and where to implement our solutions. For example, now we understand that for different manufacturing processes there will be a need to detect different contaminants. Hydrogen that is produced from PEM electrolyzers must be checked to confirm that there are no traces of oxygen and water. On the other hand, hydrogen produced from SMR, monitoring of contaminants like CO, CH4 and N2 will be required.

Quantifying Fermentation-related Processes

We also presented VOCID BioAction® at Hannover Messe, meeting with small and big companies interested in monitoring processes related to fermentation. As a result, we got into high-level conversations and pilot planning and are excited to see how the development of this solution will progress as monitoring fermentation with real time data is a real need in the food and beverage industry.

Closing Thoughts

A big thank you to all who passed by our booth, to the Israel Export Institute for their help and having us as a part of the pavilion, and for all the people and companies that met with us and shared their time, ideas, and passion for hydrogen purity and fermentation processes.

We are excited and looking forward to advancing with field testing and providing customers with devices to check at their facilities.


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