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Reflections from Rotterdam - World Hydrogen Summit

Looking back that the World Hydrogen Conference in Rotterdam this month, we really got to experience shift in the market to clean energy.

While almost everyone can agree on the importance of clean energy, it's a different and more real matter to see large companies doing this bid to move the market in this direction.

At this conference, BP announced a $30 billion commitment to moving the company towards clean energy. It is amazing to see the real commitment for regulatory bodies be adopted by industrial companies like BP and others are bound to follow.

We saw that smaller companies are already in place to develop to hydrogen ecosystem across many steps of the value chain and bigger companies are now being more committed than ever to the clean energy effort. Also, the macro situation with Russia and Europe is bound to be a driving force with Europe trying to get out of reliance from natural oil / gas and become ‘energy independent’ as quickly as possible.

Challenges of Clean Energy

The biggest challenge of clean energy is how to take natural sources like from the wind and sun and then capture it into something that can be distributed widely.

This is where hydrogen has the potential to be the solution we are all looking and hoping for. One approach to energy clean energy production is capturing sun and wind energy, producing ammonia, transporting the ammonia and then locally producing hydrogen. While this process presents issues from economic and distribution aspects, it seems like a promising direction that is being favoured and explored by numerous companies.

Maintaining Quality and Hydrogen Purity

A growing demand of hydrogen as an energy source will be paralleled by a growing need to maintain quality of the hydrogen as an energy source because impurity may can pose some serious issues. For example, hydrogen with 95% purity is okay for heating but not okay for fuel cells where the impurity can cause irreversible damage. This is where companies like NanoScent come into play. With VOCID® Purity, we can detect hydrogen purity of hydrogen across various part of the supply chain.

Sharing our innovation at this conference, we saw and felt a welcomed reception from the companies also attending World Hydrogen. We are excited to be a part of the energy solution and are thankful our technology has this great entry point as we aim to make this world a cleaner place!

Meet Us at Hannover Messe!

If you will be at Hannover Messe tomorrow (30/5-2/6/22) stop by our booth at Hall 009, Stand F33! We will be showing the first ever demo of VOCID® Purity, our solution for detecting hydrogen impurities in gas lines!


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