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Forbes Feature: How Military Practices Can Help Startup Leaders Achieve Clarity

Newly published Forbes article by Yair Paska, PhD, our VP of Hardware, where he reflects on How Military Practices Can Help Startup Leaders Achieve Clarity. Give it a read to gather new insights on senior-management leader roles.

I was a captain in the reserve army of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) when I first joined a startup in 2012, and it was quite surprising to see the resemblance with a military unit. Both are delivery-oriented organizations set to accomplish incredibly challenging missions...

- Dr. Yair Paska, VP of Hardware at NanoScent

Find the rest of the article published here at Forbes Technology Council.

Additional quotes for the publication:

Strong statements activate and inspire employees and encourage loyalty and high performance. Take for example my company's statements: "Making scent readable – imagine that your smartphone could identify, recognize and analyze scent as easily as it takes a photo. Voice and face recognition allow our senses to interact with products and services in previously unimaginable ways. NanoScent is adding scent recognition technology to this new way of interacting with devices, and help people make wiser decisions."

A vision statement is your sight into a wonderful unfulfilled future. Imagine how you see your startup in a broader context — bigger than what you can currently accomplish. Ask many "why" questions that will offer you enough room to pivot or add products.


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