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Hydrogen Leader Adamo Screnci Joins NanoScent's Board of Directors

[Misgav, Israel - March 14th, 2023] Hydrogen leader Adamo Screnci who has been a part of the hydrogen industry for over 25 years, today joins the board of directors of NanoScent, a startup company with cutting edge technology for measuring hydrogen quality.

Adamo has been an active member of France Hydrogène, served as the Chair of the Working Group Mobility for Hydrogen Europe, participated in the Renewable & Low Carbon Hydrogen Production and Clean Hydrogen Industrial Applications of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance. Today, Adamo is a part of the Board of Directors of the E5T Foundation, the MENA Hydrogen Alliance and a World Hydrogen Leaders member. In his past experiences, Adamo held executive positions at several large companies who are shaping the hydrogen industry, including TotalEnergies, McPhy Energy, Air Liquide, ThyssenKrupp and HRS.

On welcoming Adamo to the Board of Directors, Oren Gavriely, CEO and Co-founder of NanoScent said…. “Having Adamo on the board is a big win and accomplishment for us as our company grows into the hydrogen market. Adamo has been a part of shaping the hydrogen industry from the very beginning and has a strong track record of leading big companies and working across the entire value chain. His expertise and holistic view of the market will be key in how we grow.”

On his new position, Screnci said, “I am happy to join NanoScent’s board of directors. The company has a lot of potential and is hard-tech driven, truly innovating sensor technology with their know-how and multidisciplinary approach. I want to help NanoScent to enter the hydrogen world and position their quality monitoring solution correctly so they can become a world leader in this area.”

About NanoScent Ltd.

Nanoscent is an Israeli start up company that develops, designs, and produces innovative sensors based on nanotechnology, founded in 2017. Behind NanoScent is a powerful tech team made of chemists, material scientists and data scientists developing hard-tech for climate tech sensing. NanoScent has raised $10million in equity and $10million in non-dilutive grants and is backed by strategic partners like Sumitomo Chemicals and Dreamtech.

Its flagship product, the first in its series of climate tech, VOCID® H2Confirm, a sensor-based monitoring system that can be applied to various points of the hydrogen supply chain, from production to storage and refueling stations, for the continuous monitoring of hydrogen purity in realtime and in-line. VOCID® H2Confirm measures volatile organic compounds (VOC) and hydrogen impurities onsite and provides real time alerts in the event of contamination.


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