Aqua Clear


VOCID® Aqua Clear is NanoScent’s sensor for detecting and quantifying organic molecules in wastewater, making it possible to monitor volatiles in real time rather than depending on long laboratory tests. Currently, VOCID® Aqua Clear is in the early market stage.

We are actively working with industrial companies that want to ensure their wastewater is clear
enough for discharge or recycling.

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Realtime Monitoring

Realtime monitoring with VOCID® BioAction aims to replace time-consuming laboratory tests with on-site insights to target microbes through gas and VOC monitoring. 


Faster Response Time

By monitoring in realtime, organisations and processes can have a faster response time to target and limit any contamination, ensuring the wastewater that is sent for recycling or discharge meets environmental standards and industrial expectations. 

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The sensing chamber is filled with a flowing neutral blank liquid. Analyte solution of interest is introduced into the chamber using automated pneumatic system of pump and valves. The sensor response is recorded by a connected device. Initial analysis is done and displayed locally. The data is then sent to the cloud for further analysis. Once sampling is done, the chamber is flushed with the neutral liquid to reset the sensor for the next measurement.

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