Scent recognition technology has many applications. At NanoScent, we are focusing on developing our technology so people can make wiser health decisions. With that, our main sectors are: Point of Care, At-Home Monitoring, and Mass Screening. 

Point of Care

At Point of Care settings, VOCID® can be applied to shorten screening test times, significantly cutting down on the patient journey and the waiting period between test results and action. We see this area as an opportunity to help patients use a simple test, ultimately replacing invasive and time-consuming tests with a low cost and user-friendly solution. 


At-Home Monitoring


Because VOCID® is a simple to operate platform, individuals can seamlessly adapt it in their daily routine. This allows for easy at-home monitoring for chronic conditions. This ultimately reduces cost of care and allows for patients to adhere to their treatment plan more easily by following simple, non-invasive procedures at the comfort of their own home.

Mass Screening

Applying scent recognition to mass screening is a promising way to control diseases at points where large amounts of people gather, like airports and concerts. In the case of COVID-19, applying VOCID® to checkpoints can permit for the function of such events during times of crisis, allowing the economy to resume at normal pace.