What if you could measure scent?

Imagine that your smartphone could identify, recognize, and analyze scent as easily as it takes a photo. Voice and face recognition allow our senses to interact with products and services in previously unimaginable ways. What about scent recognition?

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NanoScent is making scent readable by innovating scent recognition technology to this new way of interacting with devices across health and wellness in order to help people make wiser decisions.

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Detecting Unique Scent Patterns of Disease

Biomarkers from blood, urine, and other bodily fluids have been used for years. The missing part of the human puzzle are volatile biomarkers - VOCs. 

Volatile biomarkers can become the standard of care for early detection at Point of Care, with the potential to be adopted by individuals directly at the comfort of their own home. 

Medical conditions create a unique scent pattern through VOCs at very low concentrations that can be traced by scent recognition. For example, dogs are used to alert on epileptic seizures, to detect cancers, and were recently deployed to detect COVID-19 patients.  

NanoScent's core technology depends on the seamless integration between sample collection and analysis. 

The VOCID® platform is designed for collecting breath samples at Point of Care, capable of detecting aldehydes volatile biomarkers under 50 parts per billion (PPB). 


Nobel Laureate Professor Dan Shechtman introduces the NanoScent system. 

Oren Gavriely, CEO and co-founder of NanoScent, on the latest news about our COVID-19 developments.

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Our innovation in scent recognition technology wouldn't be possible without the very special people that make up NanoScent. We are an interdisciplinary team that combines chemistry, mechanics, clinical work, and software for the greater goal of making scent readable.

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