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What if you could measure scent?

Imagine that you could identify, recognize, and analyze scent as easily as it takes a photo. Voice and face recognition allow our senses to interact with products and services in previously unimaginable ways.

But, what about scent recognition?

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VOCID® H2Confirm monitors and detects trace impurities in hydrogen quality according as per 
ISO-14687, providing a result in just a few minutes.

Add VOCID® H2Confirm to your operations as an hydrogen quality monitoring tool that can track your hydrogen quality automatically. 

Our innovation in scent recognition technology wouldn't be possible without the very special people that make up NanoScent. We are an interdisciplinary team that combines chemistry, mechanics, clinical work, and software for the greater goal of making scent readable.


Are you a part of the hydrogen value chain? Do you need to monitor your hydrogen quality in realtime? Reach out to us today for an introductory call. 

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